Our Daily Bread Foundation is a select group of people and organizations whose common goal is to transform ex-offenders through mentorship into entrepreneurs. Empowering ex-offenders to be productive members of society will reduce crime, save lives, encourage community inclusiveness, and promote continued education and growth of the mind, body, and spirit.


Art – Micah’s Art Gallery will feature community artists that will tell their stories through artistic expression. Our goal is to use art as a means to inspire, uplift, empower, and start meaningful conversations about how our differences do not make us so different after all.

Mentorship – Through the Ex-Offender Mentorship and Entrepreneurial Program, we will select twelve (12) nonviolent ex-offenders from Mecklenburg’s Re-Entry Transitional Program who will then be partnered with mentors (business leaders, law enforcement, and community leaders) to support their development.

Entrepreneurship – Micah’s Bakery is the core of the program, the place where ex-offenders will work with Charlotte community members to serve others and learn about running a business. The bakery will highlight breads and cultures from around the world and help bring the community together.

Nutrition – Micah’s Edible Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden is a teachable garden that will emphasize the importance of planting good seed to produce good fruit. We will have food demonstrations and tasting to assist in this process, while also serving the elderly and homeless.

Adopt Our Community

Adopt Our Community

Transforming and enriching one life at a time in our community.